Abe Lieberman Books in Order, by Stuart M. Kaminsky

Set in Chicago, this book series written by Stuart M. Kaminsky focuses on Abe Lieberman, a seasoned and empathetic detective who balances his dedication to justice with a deep understanding of human nature, and his partner, Bill Hanrahan.

They become involved in investigations that often involve a mix of social issues, cultural diversity, and criminal activity.

The stories delve into the detectives’ interactions with a wide array of characters, including witnesses, suspects, and members of the Chicago community.

Here is the Abe Lieberman Series in Order

Lieberman’s Folly (1990)
Lieberman’s Choice (1993)
Lieberman’s Day (1994)
Lieberman’s Thief (1995)
Lieberman’s Law (1996)
The Big Silence (2000)
Not Quite Kosher (2002)
The Last Dark Place (2004)
Terror Town (2006)
The Dead Don’t Lie (2007)

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