Alex Rider Books in Order, by Anthony Horowitz

These are the adventures of teenage spy Alex Rider. Following the demise of his British secret service agent uncle, MI6 enlists Alex to carry out his uncle’s final assignment. Alex undertakes a variety of undercover missions to foil criminal enterprises and protect the planet from grave threats throughout the series.

The stories are action-packed, intriguing, and full of espionage as Alex utilizes his cunning, bravery, and abilities to negotiate the world of international espionage while attending school and overcoming adolescent obstacles.

The YA spy series is written by Anthony Horowitz.

Here is the Alex Rider Series in Order

Stormbreaker (2000)
The Man With Eleven Fingers“*
Christmas At Gunpoint“*
Point Blank (2001)
Alex In Afghanistan“*
Secret Weapon“*
High Tension“*
Skeleton Key (2002)
Eagle Strike (2003)
Spy Trap“*
Scorpia (2004)
Ark Angel (2005)
The Gadgets (2005)
Snakehead (2007)
The Mission Files (2008)
Crocodile Tears (2009)
Scorpia Rising (2011)
Russian Roulette (2013)
Never Say Die (2017)
Tea With Smithers“*
Nightshade (2020)
Nightshade Revenge (2023)

*Those are short stories collected in one volume titled Secret Weapon.

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