Alex Verus Books in Order, by Benedict Jacka

Alex Verus is a mage living in contemporary London where magic is real but hidden from the general public.

Unlike many other mages, Alex Verus doesn’t belong to one of the major magical factions; instead, he operates a magic shop and tries to live a quiet life. But he possesses the unique ability to see multiple potential futures, which becomes both a valuable asset and a source of danger.

The stories written by Benedict Jacka revolve around Alex navigating the intricacies of the magical world, dealing with political intrigue, and facing threats from magical enemies.

Here is the Alex Verus Series in Order

Fated (2012)
Cursed (2012)
Gardens (2022)
Taken (2012)
Chosen (2013)
Hidden (2014)
Veiled (2015)
Favours” (2021)
Burned (2016)
Bound (2017)
Marked (2018)
Fallen (2019)
Forged (2020)
Risen (2021)
Gardens” (2022)

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