Alpha and Omega Books in Order, by Patricia Briggs

Set in the same world as the Mercy Thompson series and also written by Patricia Briggs, the Alpha & Omega book series follows the story of Anna Latham, an Omega wolf with a unique ability to calm and soothe other werewolves.

The story begins with Anna being rescued from an abusive pack by Charles Cornick, an Alpha werewolf and enforcer for the Marrok, the leader of all werewolves in North America. Charles and Anna form a unique and powerful werewolf pairing, as Anna’s presence helps to stabilize Charles, who is a dominant and dangerous wolf.

As the series progresses, Charles and Anna become involved in various supernatural conflicts and mysteries, facing threats from both within and outside the werewolf community.

Here is the Alpha and Omega Series in Order

On The Prowl: Alpha & Omega” (2008)*
Cry Wolf (2008)
Hunting Ground (2009)
Fair Game (2012)
Dead Heat (2015)
Burn Bright (2018)
Wild Sign (2021)

*A Mercy Thompson Universe novella collected in the book titled Shifting Shadows (2014).

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