Amory Ames Books in Order, by Ashley Weaver

Written by Ashley Weaver, this mystery book series set in England during the 1930s follows the adventures of Amory Ames, a wealthy and stylish young woman who finds herself embroiled in various murder mysteries.

Amory is married to Milo, a charming and somewhat enigmatic playboy. Despite their marital issues and Milo’s questionable past, the couple often finds themselves working together to solve murders and uncover secrets within their social circle.

Here is the Amory Ames Series in Order

Murder At the Brightwell (2014)
Death Wears a Mask (2015)
A Most Novel Revenge (2016)
Intrigue in Capri” (2017)
The Essence of Malice (2017)
An Act of Villainy (2018)
A Dangerous Engagement (2019)
A Deception at Thornecrest (2020)

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