Anita Sundstrom Books in Order, by Torquil MacLeod

Also known as the In Malmö Mysteries, this book series by Torquil MacLeod follows the investigations of Chief Inspector Anita Sundström, a police detective working in Malmö, Sweden.

The story begins when Anita Sundström, originally from Kiruna in the far north of Sweden, is transferred to Malmö under difficult circumstances.

As she navigates the challenges of her new position, she becomes involved in solving murder investigations.

Here is the Anita Sundstrom Series in Order

Meet Me in Malmo (2010)
Murder in Malmo (2013)
Missing in Malmo (2013)
Midnight in Malmo (2015)
A Malmo Midwinter” (2015)
Menace In Malmo (2017)
Malice in Malmo (2018)
Mourning in Malmo (2019)
Mammon in Malmo (2021)
Mission in Malmo (2022)

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