Arliss Cutter Books in Order, by Marc Cameron

A Deputy U.S. Marshal, Arliss Cutter possesses a natural talent for tracking. Growing up in the swamplands of Florida, he refined his tracking abilities in the military, served in the Middle East, and held three field positions within the Marshal Service. Cutter stands out as the top choice when it comes to locating individuals.

Currently, he serves as a Deputy U.S. Marshal on Alaska’s Fugitive Task Force, partnering with Deputy Lola Teariki, hunting criminals from Juneau to Anchorage, and into the wilderness.

The Arliss Cutter book series is written by Marc Cameron.

Here is the Arliss Cutter Series in Order

Open Carry (2019)
Stone Cross (2020)
Bone Rattle (2021)
Cold Snap (2022)
Breakneck (2023)
Bad River (2024)

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