Ben Kincaid Books in Order, by William Bernhardt

Ben Kincaid is a defense attorney who takes on various legal cases, often involving high-profile and challenging situations.

Throughout the series written by William Bernhardt, Kincaid’s legal skills and commitment to justice are tested as he represents clients facing serious charges.

The stories delve into the complexities of the legal system, ethical dilemmas faced by attorneys, and the challenges of defending individuals in the face of often overwhelming evidence.

Here is the Ben Kincaid Series in Order

Primary Justice (1991)
Blind Justice (1992)
Deadly Justice (1993)
Perfect Justice (1994)
Cruel Justice (1996)
Naked Justice (1997)
Extreme Justice (1998)
Dark Justice (1999)
Silent Justice (2000)
Murder One (2001)
Criminal Intent (2002)
Death Row (2003)
Hate Crime (2004)
Capitol Murder (2006)
Capitol Threat (2007)
Capitol Conspiracy (2008)
Capitol Offense (2009)
Capitol Betrayal (2010)
Justice Returns (2017)

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