Ben Kitto Books in Order, by Kate Rhodes

DI Ben Kitto is a detective inspector working in the Isles of Scilly, a group of islands off the southwestern coast of Cornwall, England.

He investigates various crimes that occur within the close-knit island community. These crimes range from murders to disappearances and other mysteries, each presenting unique challenges due to the isolated and insular nature of island life.

As Kitto delves into these investigations, he must navigate the complexities of island culture, where everyone knows everyone else’s business and secrets are difficult to keep.

This crime series is written by Kate Rhodes (Alice Quentin).

Here is the Ben Kitto Series in Order

Hell Bay (2018)
Ruin Beach (2018)
Burnt Island (2019)
Pulpit Rock (2020)
Devil’s Table (2021)
The Brutal Tide (2022)
Hangman Island (2023)

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