Bess Crawford Books in Order, by Charles Todd

Bess Crawford, a British Army nurse, becomes involved in solving mysteries while caring for wounded soldiers during the war.

The series follows her experiences on the front lines, where she often finds herself amid dangerous situations and uncovers various secrets. Bess’s strong sense of duty and commitment to truth and justice drives her to investigate crimes and seek resolutions.

As the series written by Charles Todd progresses, Bess continues her nursing career in post-war England, and each installment typically involves her becoming embroiled in a new mystery.

Here is the Bess Crawford Series in Order

A Duty to the Dead (2009)
The Girl on the Beach” (2015)
An Impartial Witness (2010)
A Bitter Truth (2011)
An Unmarked Grave (2012)
The Walnut Tree” (2012)
A Question of Honor (2013)
An Unwilling Accomplice (2014)
The Maharani’s Pearls” (2014)
A Pattern of Lies (2015)
The Shattered Tree (2016)
A Casualty of War (2017)
A Forgotten Place (2018)
A Cruel Deception (2019)
A Hanging at Dawn” (2020)
An Irish Hostage (2021)
The Cliff’s Edge (2023)

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