Bibliophile Mysteries in Order, by Kate Carlisle

In San Francisco, Brooklyn Wainwright is a skilled bookbinder with a passion for rare books who, one day, finds herself entangled in a murder mystery related to the world of books.

As she pursues her love for bookbinding and restoration, she becomes an amateur sleuth, investigating crimes that involve rare manuscripts, valuable books, and the eccentric personalities of the literary world.

The Bibliophile Mystery series is written by Kate Carlisle (Fixer Upper Mysteries).

Here is the Bibliophile Mystery Series in Order

Homicide in Hardcover (2009)
If Books Could Kill (2009)
The Lies That Bind (2010)
Murder Under Cover (2011)
Pages of Sin” (2012)
One Book in the Grave (2012)
Peril in Paperback (2012)
A Cookbook Conspiracy (2013)
The Book Stops Here (2014)
Ripped From the Pages (2015)
Books of a Feather (2016)
Once Upon a Spine (2017)
Buried in Books (2018)
The Book Supremacy (2019)
The Grim Reader (2020)
Little Black Book (2021)
The Paper Caper (2022)
The Twelve Books of Christmas (2023)

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