Blanco County Books in Order, by Ben Rehder

The Blanco County, Texas book series centers around the character Billy Don “Billy the Kid” Callahan, a game warden in Blanco County, Texas, as he finds himself entangled in various criminal investigations and quirky situations related to the rural environment he works in.

The stories often feature eccentric characters and humorous scenarios against the backdrop of the Texas Hill Country.

The series is written by Ben Rehder (Roy Ballard).

Here is the Blanco County Mysteries in Order

Buck Fever (2002)
Bone Dry (2003)
Flat Crazy (2004)
Guilt Trip (2005)
Gun Shy (2007)
Holy Moly (2008)
Mind Game” (2014)
Hog Heaven (2013)
Stag Party (2014)
Bum Steer (2015)
Point Taken (2016)
Last Laugh (2017)
Dog Tag” (2017)
Lefty Loosey (2018)
Free Ride (2020)
Boom Town (2021)
Weed Killer (2023)

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