Blossom Street Books in Order, by Debbie Macomber

The Blossom Street series by Debbie Macomber is a heartwarming contemporary fiction series set in the fictional neighborhood of Blossom Street in Seattle, Washington.

The series primarily focuses on the lives, relationships, and struggles of the characters who reside in or interact with the businesses on Blossom Street. At the center of the series is A Good Yarn, a yarn store owned by Lydia Hoffman, one of the main characters.

As the series progresses, additional businesses and characters are introduced, including other shop owners, customers, and residents of Blossom Street.

Here is the Blossom Street Series in Order

The Shop on Blossom Street (2004)
What Amanda Wants” (2012)
A Good Yarn (2005)
Susannah’s Garden (2006)
Christmas Letters” (2006)
Back on Blossom Street (2007)
Twenty Wishes (2008)
Summer on Blossom Street” (2009)
The Twenty-First Wish” (2016)
Hannah’s List (2010)
A Turn in the Road (2011)
Starting Now (2013)
Blossom Street Brides (2014)
The Twenty-First Wish” (2019)
Blossom Street Dreams (2021)

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