Bob Lee Swagger Books in Order, by Stephen Hunter

Written by Stephen Hunter, this series of action-packed thrillers revolves around Bob Lee Swagger, a highly skilled marksman and former Marine sniper.

The stories follow Bob Lee Swagger as he becomes entangled in various dangerous and high-stakes situations, often due to his expertise with firearms and his military background. He has to navigate through complex plots involving government conspiracies, international espionage, and criminal organizations.

There’s a spin-off series focusing on Earl Swagger, the father of Bob Lee.

Here is the Bob Lee Swagger Series in Order

Point of Impact (1993)
Black Light (1996)
Time to Hunt (1998)
The 47th Samurai (2007)
Night of Thunder (2008)
I, Sniper (2009)
Dead Zero (2010)
The Third Bullet (2013)
Sniper’s Honor (2014)
G-Man (2017)
Game of Snipers (2019)
Targeted (2021)
Front Sight (2024)*

*This book is a collection of three interconnected novellas that follow each generation of the iconic Swagger family—grandfather Charles, father Earl, and Bob Lee.

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