Books by the Bay Mysteries in Order, by Ellery Adams

A cozy mystery series written by Ellery Adams (Secret, Book & Scone Society) set in the fictional town of Oyster Bay, North Carolina, and revolves around Olivia Limoges.

She is the owner of a bookshop named “Death by Coffee,” and the stories follow her adventures in solving various mysteries that occur in her community.

The series often features Olivia’s interactions with a group of friends, including a wine club known as the “Bayside Book Writers.”

Here are the Books by the Bay Mystery Books in Order

A Killer Plot (2010)
A Deadly Cliche (2011)
The Last Word (2011)
Written in Stone (2012)
Poisoned Prose (2013)
Lethal Letters (2014)
Writing All Wrongs (2015)
Killer Characters (2017)

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