Brighton Mysteries in Order, by Elly Griffiths

Also known as the “Stephens and Mephisto Mysteries,” this book series written by Elly Griffiths (Ruth Galloway) follows the crime-solving adventures of the duo—Detective Inspector Edgar Stephens and Max Mephisto—in post-World War II England.

The series begins with a murder case that draws Detective Stephens into the world of magic and theater.

A young woman’s body is found dismembered in a manner reminiscent of a magician’s illusion. Stephens teams up with Max Mephisto, a former magician and friend, to solve the perplexing crime.

Here are the Stephens and Mephisto Books in Order

The Zig Zag Girl (2014)
Smoke and Mirrors
The Blood Card
The Vanishing Box
Now You See Them
The Midnight Hour
The Great Deceiver

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