Brother Athelstan Books in Order, by Paul Doherty

A historical mystery series written by Paul Doherty, the Brother Athelstan series is set in medieval London during the 14th century.

Brother Athelstan is a Dominican friar and coroner who lives in the city of London. Along with his friend, Sir John Cranston, the Coroner of London, Athelstan investigates various crimes and mysteries that occur in the city.

Brother Athelstan and Sir John Cranston often find themselves caught up in political intrigue, religious conflicts, and the machinations of the city’s powerful elite as they seek to solve murders and uncover the truth behind mysterious events.

Here is the Brother Athelstan Series in Order

The Nightingale Gallery (1991)
The House Of The Red Slayer (1992)
Murder Most Holy (1992)
The Anger Of God (1993)
By Murder’s Bright Light (1994)
The House Of Crows (1995)
The Assassin’s Riddle (1996)
The Devil’s Domain (1998)
The Field Of Blood (1999)
The House of Shadows (2003)
Bloodstone (2012)
The Straw Men (2013)
Candle Flame (2014)
The Book of Fires (2015)
The Herald of Hell (2015)
The Great Revolt (2016)
A Pilgrimage to Murder (2016)
The Mansions of Murder (2017)
The Godless (2019)
The Stone of Destiny (2020)
The Hanging Tree (2022)
Murder Most Treasonable (2023)

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