Canterbury Tales Mysteries Books in Order, by Paul Doherty

The Canterbury Tales Mysteries series written by Paul Doherty is a historical mystery series that features Geoffrey Chaucer, the famous 14th-century English poet, as the detective.

The series is set in medieval England and is inspired by Chaucer’s own Canterbury Tales. Each book in the series is based on one of the stories told by pilgrims on their journey to Canterbury in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales.

Chaucer, who is portrayed as an amateur sleuth, uses his wit, intellect, and knowledge of human nature to solve mysteries that arise during the pilgrims’ travels.

Here is the Canterbury Tales Mysteries Series in Order

An Ancient Evil (1993)
A Tapestry of Murders (1994)
A Tournament of Murders (1996)
Ghostly Murders (1997)
The Hangman’s Hymn (2001)
A Haunt of Murder (2002)
The Midnight Man (2012)

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