Captain Heimrich Books in Order, by Frances & Richard Lockridge

Captain M.L. Heimrich is a police detective in the fictional town of Van Brunt, located in upstate New York.

Characterized by their traditional and classic approach to mystery fiction, often incorporating elements of the police procedural genre, those stories written by Frances and Richard Lockridge portrayed Heimrich as a seasoned and methodical detective with a keen sense of observation and a commitment to justice who works with his team to solve various criminal cases, including murders, robberies, and other criminal activities in the community.

This series is a spin-off of the Mr. and Mrs. North series as Heimrich was introduced in the book Murder Out of Turn (1941) and reappeared in Death of a Tall Man (1946) before going on with his own mysteries to solve.

Here is the Captain Heimrich Series in Order

Think of Death (1947)
I Want to Go Home (1948)
Spin Your Web, Lady (1949)
Foggy, Foggy Death (1950)
A Client Is Cancelled (1951)
Death by Association (1952)
Stand Up and Die (1953)
Death and the Gentle Bull (1954)
Burnt Offering (1955)
Let Dead Enough Alone (1956)
Practise to Deceive (1957)
Accent on Murder (1958)
Show Red for Danger (1960)
With One Stone (1961)
First Come, First Kill (1963)
The Distant Clue (1963)
Murder Can’t Wait (1964)
Murder Roundabout (1966)
With Option to Die (1967)
A Risky Way to Kill (1969)
Inspector’s Holiday (1971)
Not I Said the Sparrow (1974)
Dead Run (1976)
The Tenth Life (1977)

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