Cassiopeia Vitt Books in Order, by Steve Berry

Cassiopeia Vitt was introduced as a recurring character in some of Steve Berry’s Cotton Malone novels before getting her own spin-off series.

Cassiopeia is an art collector and former opera singer, often assisting and partnering with Cotton Malone in solving mysteries. The lone heir of a wealthy father, Cassiopeia Vitt is a woman of many talents and uses them as an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and antiques student while attempting to restore a castle using exclusively thirteenth-century technology.

The rest of the time, like Malone, she gets involved in historical mysteries, artifacts, and international conspiracies. The Cassiopeia Vitt adventures are co-written by Steve Berry and M J Rose.

Here is the Cassiopeia Vitt Series in Order

The Balkan Escape” (2011)
The Museum of Mysteries (2018)
The Lake of Learning (2019)
The House of Long Ago (2020)
The End of Forever (2021)

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