Charlotte and Thomas Pitt Books in Order, by Anne Perry

Set in Victorian England, the series written by Anne Perry follows the investigative efforts of Thomas Pitt, a police inspector, and his wife Charlotte, as they become embroiled in solving various criminal cases in Victorian society.

Thomas Pitt, initially a police detective and later promoted to higher ranks, often tackles high-profile and politically sensitive cases.

Charlotte Pitt, while maintaining her social standing in Victorian society, actively supports her husband’s investigations and often finds herself entangled in the complexities of the cases.

Here is the Charlotte and Thomas Pitt Series in Order

The Cater Street Hangman (1979)
Callander Square (1980)
Paragon Walk (1981)
Resurrection Row (1981)
Rutland Place (1983)
Bluegate Fields (1984)
Death in the Devil’s Acre (1985)
Cardington Crescent (1987)
Silence in Hanover Close (1988)
Bethlehem Road (1990)
Highgate Rise (1991)
Belgrave Square (1992)
Farriers’ Lane (1993)
The Hyde Park Headsman (1994)
Traitors’ Gate (1995)
Pentecost Alley (1996)
Ashworth Hall (1997)
Brunswick Gardens (1998)
Bedford Square (1999)
Half Moon Street (1998)
The Whitechapel Conspiracy (2001)
Southampton Row (2002)
Seven Dials (2003)
Long Spoon Lane (2005)
Buckingham Palace Gardens (2008)
Treason at Lisson Grove (2010)
Dorchester Terrace (2011)
Midnight at Marble Arch (2012)
Death on Blackheath (2013)
The Angel Court Affair (2014)
Treachery at Lancaster Gate (2015)
Murder on the Serpentine (2016)

After that, you can read the spin-off series that revolves around Daniel Pitt.

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