Cork O’Connor Books in Order, by William Kent Krueger

Cork O’Connor is a former sheriff of Tamarack County in Minnesota. The story follows Cork as he navigates through various criminal investigations and personal challenges.

The novels often incorporate elements of Native American culture and spirituality, as Cork himself is part Irish and part Ojibwe.

The series is set against the backdrop of the Northwoods of Minnesota, and each book explores a different mystery or crime that Cork becomes entangled in, blending elements of suspense, crime, and regional fiction.

This is a mystery series written by William Kent Krueger.

Here is the Cork O’Connor Series in Order

Iron Lake (1998)
Boundary Waters
Purgatory Ridge
Blood Hollow
Mercy Falls
Copper River
Thunder Bay
Red Knife
Heaven’s Keep
Vermilion Drift
Northwest Angle
Trickster’s Point
Tamarack County
Windigo Island
Manitou Canyon
Sulfur Springs
Desolation Mountain
Lightning Strike
Fox Creek
Spirit Crossing

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