Cotton Malone Books in Order, by Steve Berry

Cotton Malone is a retired U.S. Justice Department operative turned rare book dealer who finds himself entangled in historical mysteries and international conspiracies.

The stories often involve ancient artifacts, hidden secrets, and political intrigue. Malone’s expertise in rare books and his knowledge of history become crucial as he unravels puzzles, deciphers codes, and races against time to prevent historical secrets from falling into the wrong hands.

The Cotton Malone book series is written by author Steve Berry who also launched a spin-off dedicated to the character Cassiopeia Vitt.

Here is the Cotton Malone Series in Order

The Admiral’s Mark” (2012)┬░
The Templar Legacy
The Alexandria Link
The Venetian Betrayal
The Charlemagne Pursuit
The Paris Vendetta
The Balkan Escape” (2011)
The Emperor’s Tomb
The Devil’s Gold” (2011)
The Jefferson Key
The Tudor Plot” (2013)
The King’s Deception
The Lincoln Myth (2013)
The Devil’s Bones” (2014)*
The Patriot Threat
The 14th Colony
The Lost Order
The Devils’ Due” (2017)
The Bishop’s Pawn
The Malta Exchange
The Warsaw Protocol
The Kaiser’s Web
Extenuating Circumstances” (2011)
Shadow Tag” (2016)**
“Past Prologue
” (2017)***
The Last Kingdom
The Atlas Maneuver

┬░This is a prequel short story.
*This short story featuring Gray Pierce from the Sigma Force series was co-written with James Rollins.
**This short story featuring FBI Agent Sean Reilly from the Sean Reilly and Tess Chaykin series was co-written with Raymond Khoury.
***This short story featuring Jamie Fraser from the Outlander book series was co-written with Diana Gabaldon.

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