Counterfeit Lady Books in Order, by Victoria Thompson

Elizabeth Miles is a young con artist caught up in intrigue in turn-of-the-century New York. When the story starts, she lives on the periphery of society, utilizing her cunning to defraud supposedly respectable men of their hard-earned wealth.

However, Oscar Thornton, a cruel businessman, is not going to forgive a lady for outwitting him since he has lost a lot of money. Elizabeth grabs the opportunity to blend in with a group of ladies who have their own agenda as his thugs are closing in on her.

This historical mystery series is written by Victoria Thompson (Gaslight Mysteries).

Here is the Counterfeit Lady Series in Order

City of Lies (2017)
City of Secrets
City of Scoundrels
City of Schemes
City of Shadows
City of Fortune
City of Betrayal

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