Covenant Books in Order, by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Set in a world where supernatural beings, known as Pure and Half-Bloods, coexist with humans, The Covenant series written by Jennifer L. Armentrout follows Alexandria “Alex” Andros, who is a Half-Blood, a descendant of both a mortal and a supernatural being.

In the world of this young adult paranormal romance, the Covenant is an organization that governs the relationships and interactions between the Pure-bloods (purely supernatural beings) and the Half-Bloods.

Alex faces challenges and prejudices as a Half-Blood, and her life becomes even more complicated when she discovers that she has a special destiny tied to a mysterious and powerful deity.

Here is the Covenant Series in Order

Daimon” (2011)
Half-Blood (2011)
Pure (2012)
Deity (2012)
Elixir” (2012)
Apollyon (2013)
Sentinel (2013)

The series ends here, but there is a spin-off titled Titan:

The Return (2015)
The Power (2016)
The Struggle (2017)
The Prophecy (2018)

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