Covert-One Books in Order, by Robert Ludlum

The Covert-One series is a collection of political and medical thriller novels created by Robert Ludlum.

The series features a team of top-secret intelligence and medical professionals who work together to combat global threats. Each novel in the series is typically written by a different author (Gayle Lynds, Philip Shelby, Patrick Larkin, James H Cobb, Kyle Mills, Jamie Freveletti).

The stories within the Covert-One series often involve a deadly virus, bioweapon, or other catastrophic events that pose a significant threat to humanity.

The Covert-One team, comprised of experts in various fields such as medicine, intelligence, and military operations, races against time to uncover the source of the threat, develop a solution, and prevent widespread disaster.

Here is the Covert-One Series in Order

The Hades Factor (2000)
The Cassandra Compact (2001)
The Paris Option (2002)
The Altman Code (2003)
The Lazarus Vendetta (2004)
The Moscow Vector (2005)
The Arctic Event (2007)
The Ares Decision (2009)
The Janus Reprisal (2012)
The Utopia Experiment (2013)
The Geneva Strategy (2015)
The Patriot Attack (2015)

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