D.D. Warren Books in Order, by Lisa Gardner

D.D. Warren is a tenacious investigator in the Boston Police Department who tackles a variety of criminal cases, ranging from murders and kidnappings to other violent crimes.

Each novel in the series features a different case that D.D. Warren must solve, often involving complex mysteries, psychological twists, and a mix of suspenseful elements.

At the start of the series though, she was a supporting character and Massachusetts State Trooper Bobby Dodge was the main protagonist.

Here is Detective D.D. Warren Series in Order

Alone (2004)
Hide (2007)
The Neighbor (2009)
Live to Tell (2010)
Love You More (2011)*
The 7th Month” (2012)
Catch Me (2012)
Fear Nothing (2014)
3 Truths and a Lie” (2016)
Find Her (2016)
The 4th Man” (2016)**
Look For Me (2018)
The Guy Who Died Twice” (2019)
Never Tell (2019)
When You See Me (2020)**

*This novel is a crossover with Lisa Gardner’s Tessa Leoni series.
*These are crossover stories with Lisa Gardner’s FBI Profiler series.

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