David Slaton Books in Order, by Ward Larsen

Known as the “Langley Assassin,” David Slaton, a highly skilled and lethal former assassin, is retired from the world of covert operations, but circumstances often draw him back into the dangerous and shadowy world of international intrigue.

His lethal skills and strategic thinking make him a sought-after asset, and he becomes embroiled in various plots that require his expertise.

This spy thrillers are written by Ward Larsen.

Here is the David Slaton Series in Order

Assassin’s Dawn” (2021)
The Perfect Assassin (2006)
Assassin’s Game (2014)
Assassin’s Silence (2016)
Assassin’s Code (2017)
Assassin’s Run (2018)
Assassin’s Revenge (2019)
Assassin’s Strike (2020)
Assassin’s Edge (2022)
Assassin’s Mark (2023)

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