Death on Demand Books in Order, by Carolyn Hart

The “Death on Demand” book series is a mystery series written by Carolyn G. Hart that revolves around the character of Annie Laurance Darling, who owns a mystery bookstore called “Death on Demand” on the fictional island of Broward’s Rock, South Carolina. Annie often finds herself entangled in real-life murder mysteries and, alongside her boyfriend, Max Darling, and other recurring characters, she sets out to solve the crimes, uncovering clues and motives as she goes.

Here is the Death on Demand Series in Order

Death on Demand (1987)
Design for Murder (1989)
Something Wicked (1988)
Honeymoon With Murder (1988)
A Little Class on Murder (1989)
Deadly Valentine (1990)
The Christie Caper (1991)
Southern Ghost (1992)
Mint Julep Murder (1995)
Yankee Doodle Dead (1998)
White Elephant Dead (1999)
Sugarplum Dead (2000)
April Fool Dead (2002)
Engaged to Die (2003)
Murder Walks the Plank (2004)
Death of the Party (2005)
Dead Days of Summer (2006)
Death Walked in (2008)
Dare to Die (2009)
Laughed ’til He Died (2010)
Dead by Midnight (2011)
Death Comes Silently (2012)
Dead, White, and Blue (2013)
Death at the Door (2014)
Don’t Go Home (2015)
Walking on My Grave (2017)

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