Decker and Lazarus Books In Order, by Faye Kellerman

Peter Decker is a seasoned detective with the LAPD, while Rina Lazarus is a devout Jewish woman who becomes a crucial part of Decker’s life.

Set in Los Angeles, the story explores their personal and professional lives as they become involved in solving various crimes and mysteries, and as they start a family together.

This is a mystery series written by Faye Kellerman.

Here is the Decker and Lazarus Series In Order

The Ritual Bath (1986)
Sacred and Profane
Milk and Honey
Day of Atonement
False Prophet
Grievous Sin
Prayers for the Dead
Serpent’s Tooth
Jupiter’s Bones
The Forgotten
Stone Kiss
Street Dreams
The Burnt House
The Mercedes Coffin
Blindman’s Bluff
Gun Games
The Beast
Murder 101
The Theory of Death
Bone Box
Walking Shadows
The Lost Boys
The Hunt

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