Deep Black Books in Order, by Stephen Coonts and more

The “Deep Black” book series is a collaborative techno-thriller series written by Stephen Coonts, Jim DeFelice, and William H. Keith.

The series involves a fictional, highly classified, and covert black ops organization known as Deep Black.

The main characters, often including intelligence operatives and specialists, work within the Deep Black organization to tackle a variety of national security threats.

The plots involve high-stakes missions, covert operations, and the use of advanced technology to combat terrorism, espionage, and other dangers.

Here is the Deep Black Series in Order

Deep Black (2003)*
Biowar (2004)*
Dark Zone (2004)*
Payback (2005)*
Jihad (2007)*
Conspiracy (2008)*
Arctic Gold (2009)**
Sea of Terror (2010)**
Death Wave (2011)**

*Novels co-written with Jim DeFelice.
*Novels co-written with William H Keith Jr.

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