Delirium Books in Order, by Lauren Oliver

A dystopian young adult trilogy written by Lauren Oliver, The Delirium book series is set in a world where love is considered a dangerous disease.

The series is primarily centered around the character Lena Haloway. When the story starts, the government administers a procedure on citizens when they reach a certain age, suppressing their ability to experience emotions associated with love.

However, Lena begins to question this system as she approaches her own procedure. This led her to discover the existence of a resistance movement and become involved in challenging the oppressive regime.

Here is the Delirium Series in Order

Annabel” (2012)*
Delirium (2011)
Alex” (2014)*
Hana” (2011)*
Pandemonium (2012)
Raven” (2013)*
Requiem (2013)

*Novellas collected in one volume titled Delirium Stories: Hana, Annabel, Raven, and Alex.

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