Dempsey/Devlin Books in Order, by Tony Kent

The Dempsey/Devlin series by Tony Kent is a crime/action thriller series following Dempsey and Devlin as they find themselves embroiled in high-stakes cases that often intersect with matters of national security, organized crime, and government corruption.

Joe Dempsey is a tough and tenacious barrister with a knack for getting justice for his clients, often by unconventional means.

John Devlin, on the other hand, is an ex-Special Forces operative turned MI6 agent, known for his expertise in counter-terrorism and intelligence gathering.

Here is the Dempsey/Devlin Series in Order

Killer Intent (2017)
Marked for Death (2019)
Power Play (2020)
No Way to Die (2021)
The Shadow Network (2024)

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