Dexter Books in Order, by Jeff Lindsay

Dexter Morgan is a Miami-based blood spatter analyst for the police department who moonlights as a vigilante serial killer.

Dexter is a sociopath who follows a strict moral code instilled in him by his adoptive father, Harry, who recognized Dexter’s homicidal tendencies early on and trained him to channel them toward killing only those who “deserve” to die—other murderers who have escaped justice.

Throughout the series written by Jeff Lindsay, Dexter navigates his double life, struggling to maintain his facade of normalcy while satisfying his dark urges.

Here is the Dexter Series in Order

Darkly Dreaming Dexter (2004)
Dearly Devoted Dexter (2005)
Dexter in the Dark (2007)
Dexter by Design (2009)
Dexter is Delicious (2010)
Double Dexter (2011)
Dexter’s Final Cut (2013)
Dexter Is Dead (2015)

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