Dortmunder Books in Order, by Donald E. Westlake

John Dortmunder is a professional criminal and master planner in the comedic and often chaotic stories written by Donald E. Westlake (Mitch Tobin). He is a skilled thief with a knack for planning elaborate heists.

However, despite his expertise, things rarely go smoothly for him and his crew.

Each book typically features Dortmunder being drawn into a new criminal scheme, often against his better judgment, and the plans inevitably unravel in unexpected and comical ways.

Here is the Dortmunder Series in Order

The Hot Rock (1970)
Bank Shot (1972)
Jimmy the Kid (1974)
Nobody’s Perfect (1977)
Why Me? (1983)
Good Behavior (1986)
Drowned Hopes (1990)
Don’t Ask (1993)
What’s the Worst That Could Happen? (1996)
Bad News (2001)
The Road to Ruin (2004)
Thieves’ Dozen (2004)*
Watch Your Back! (2005)
What’s So Funny? (2007)
Get Real (2009)

*It’s a collection of ten short stories and one related story that ties in “The Road to Ruin.”

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