Earl Swagger Books in Order, by Stephen Hunter

A spin-off of the Bob Lee Swagger, this series also written by Stephen Hunter follows Earl Swagger, a highly skilled and tough-as-nails ex-Marine who becomes entangled in various dangerous and thrilling situations.

Recipient of the Medal of Honor, Earl Swagger is a former Marine and feeling aimless in the post-World War II peace. But he soon find a new war to wage as he decide to stand up against organized crime, corrupt politicians, or even foreign agents and assassins.

Here is the Earl Swagger Series in Order

Hot Springs (2000)
Pale Horse Coming (2001)
Havana (2003)
The Bullet Garden (2023)
Front Sight (2024)*

*This book is a collection of three interconnected novellas that follow each generation of the iconic Swagger family—grandfather Charles, father Earl, and Bob Lee.

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