Eragon Books in Order, by Christopher Paolini

A fantasy book series written by Christopher Paolini, the Eragon series is also known as The Inheritance Cycle.

The story is about Eragon, a young farm boy who discovers a mysterious dragon egg in the Spine, a range of untamed mountains. The dragon egg hatches, and Eragon bonds with the dragon, whom he names Saphira.

As Eragon learns about his newfound abilities and responsibilities, he becomes entangled in a conflict against the evil King Galbatorix, who seeks to control all of Alagaƫsia.

Alongside his dragon Saphira, Eragon joins the rebel group known as the Varden in their quest to overthrow the tyrannical rule of King Galbatorix.

Here is the Eragon Series in Order

Eragon (2001)
Eldest (2005)
Brisingr (2008)
Inheritance (2011)
Murtagh (2023)

Also, check out the Eragon’s Guide to Alagaesia (2009) to discover even more about the world of the Inheritance Cycle.

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