Evan Tanner Books in Order, by Lawrence Block

Evan Michael Tanner became an involuntary insomniac after a botched mission during the Korean War.

As a result, Tanner is unable to sleep. Despite his sleeplessness, he manages to navigate various adventures and undertake unconventional missions, becoming involved in espionage, undercover operations, and international intrigue.

The Evan Tanner book series was written by Lawrence Block.

Here is the Evan Tanner Series in Order

The Thief Who Couldn’t Sleep (1966)
The Cancelled Czech (1966)
Tanner’s Twelve Swingers (1967)
The Scoreless Thai (1967)
Tanner’s Tiger (1968)
Tanner’s Virgin (1968)
Me Tanner, You Jane (1970)
Tanner on Ice (1998)

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