Fargo Adventures in Order, by Clive Cussler

The series follows the husband-and-wife treasure-hunting team of Sam and Remi Fargo as they travel the globe, seeking hidden treasures, solving historical mysteries, and uncovering valuable artifacts.

Both seasoned adventurers and experts in their respective fields, Sam and Remi Fargo embark on quests that involve underwater exploration, deciphering ancient maps, and outsmarting rival treasure hunters. The Fargos frequently find themselves facing danger, encountering historical figures, and navigating complex puzzles in their pursuit of hidden riches.

The Fargo Adventures series is co-authored by Clive Cussler (Oregon Files) and various co-writers.

Here are the Sam and Remi Fargo Books in Order

Spartan Gold (2009)*
Lost Empire (2010)*
The Kingdom (2011)*
The Tombs (2012)**
The Mayan Secrets (2013)**
The Eye of Heaven (2014)***
The Solomon Curse (2015)***
Pirate (2016)****
The Romanov Ransom (2017)****
The Gray Ghost (2018)****
The Oracle (2019)****
Wrath of Poseidon (2020)****
The Serpent’s Eye (2023)****

*Novels co-written with Grant Blackwood.
**Novels co-written with Thomas Perry.
***Novels co-written with Russell Blake.
****Novels co-written with Robin Burcell.

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