Fixer Upper Mysteries in Order, by Kate Carlisle

Shannon Hammer is a contractor and home renovator in the fictional town of Lighthouse Cove. In each book, Shannon discovers herself embroiled in a murder mystery while working on home improvement projects.

As she tackles renovations and repairs, she stumbles upon crime scenes and becomes an amateur sleuth, investigating murders that are connected to the world of home improvement, construction, and small-town life.

The Fixer-Upper Mystery series is written by Kate Carlisle (Bibliophile Mysteries).

Here is the Fixer Upper Mystery Series in Order

A High-End Finish (2014)
This Old Homicide (2015)
Crowned and Moldering (2015)
Deck the Hallways (2016)
Eaves of Destruction (2017)
A Wrench in the Works (2018)
Shot Through the Hearth (2019)
Premeditated Mortar (2020)
Absence of Mallets (2021)
Dressed to Drill (2023)

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