Gabriel Allon Books in Order, by Daniel Silva

Gabriel Allon was an Israeli intelligence operative and now is undercover as an art restorer who often gets embroiled in various international espionage and counterterrorism operations–getting tasked with preventing and solving high-stakes crises that have far-reaching consequences for international security.

As a result, Gabriel Allon navigates the dangerous landscapes of espionage and covert operations while he confronts both personal and professional challenges.

The Gabriel Allon book series is written by Daniel Silva.

Here is the Gabriel Allon Series in Order

The Kill Artist (2000)
The English Assassin (2002)
The Confessor (2003)
A Death in Vienna (2004)
Prince of Fire (2005)
The Messenger (2006)
The Secret Servant (2007)
Moscow Rules (2008)
The Defector (2009)
The Rembrandt Affair (2010)
Portrait of a Spy (2011)
The Fallen Angel (2012)
The English Girl (2013)
The Heist (2014)
The English Spy (2015)
The Black Widow (2016)
House of Spies (2017)
The Other Woman (2018)
The New Girl (2019)
The Order (2020)
The Cellist (2021)
Portrait of an Unknown Woman (2022)
The Collector (2023)

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