Gabriel Taverner Books in Order, by Alys Clare

A historical mystery series written by Alys Clare, the Gabriel Taverner series is set in 17th-century England, specifically in the Devonshire region.

The series follows the adventures and investigations of Gabriel Taverner, a former soldier turned coroner, as he solves crimes and unravels mysteries in the turbulent aftermath of the English Civil War.

Gabriel Taverner is a former Royalist officer who becomes the coroner for the city of Totnes in Devonshire. As a coroner, Gabriel is responsible for investigating suspicious deaths and determining their cause.

He is aided in his investigations by his friend and assistant, the astute and resourceful Coroner’s Officer, Theophilus Davey.

Here is the Gabriel Taverner Series in Order

A Rustle of Silk (2016)
The Angel in the Glass (2018)
The Indigo Ghosts (2020)
Magic in the Weave (2021)
The Cargo From Neira (2023)

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