George and Molly Palmer-Jones Books in Order, by Ann Cleeves

Written by Ann Cleeves, this is about the adventures of a couple, George and Molly Palmer-Jones, as they embark on various investigations related to birdwatching and ornithology. George is a retired inspector and Molly is an amateur detective with a passion for birdwatching.

As the Palmer-Jones couple finds themselves drawn into mysteries, their shared love for birds and nature becomes intertwined with their detective work, leading them to uncover hidden secrets and solve crimes in the process.

Here is the George and Molly Palmer-Jones Series in Order

A Bird In The Hand (1986)
Come Death and High Water (1987)
Murder In Paradise (1988)
A Prey To Murder (1989)
Sea Fever (1991)
Another Man’s Poison (1992)
The Mill On The Shore (1994)
High Island Blues (1996)

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