Gilded Newport Mystery Books in Order, by Alyssa Maxwell

The Gilded Newport Mystery series by Alyssa Maxwell is set in the late 19th century in Newport, Rhode Island, a time and place known for its opulent mansions and high society.

The series follows the adventures of Emma Cross, a reporter for the Newport Observer who becomes entangled in solving mysteries amidst the luxurious backdrop of Newport’s elite.

Throughout the series, Emma finds herself drawn into various murder investigations, uncovering secrets and scandals hidden beneath the surface of Newport’s glittering society.

Here is the Gilded Newport Mystery Series in Order

Murder at the Breakers (2014)
Murder at Marble House (2014)
Murder at Beechwood (2015)
Murder at Rough Point (2016)
Murder at Chateau sur Mer (2017)
Murder at Ochre Court (2018)
Murder at Crossways (2019)
Murder at Kingscote (2020)
Murder at Wakehurst (2021)
Murder at Beacon Rock (2022)
Murder at the Elms (2023)
Murder at Vinland (2024)

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