Grant County Books in Order, by Karin Slaughter

The Grant County series written by Karin Slaughter revolves around medical examiner Sara Linton and her ex-husband, police chief Jeffrey Tolliver.

Set in the fictional town of Heartsdale, Georgia, the novels follow Sara and Jeffrey as they navigate through various criminal cases and investigations in their small community.

The stories often involve intricate mysteries, dark secrets, and the complexities of relationships among the characters.

Here is the Grant County Series in Order

Blindsighted (2001)
Kisscut (2002)
A Faint Cold Fear (2003)
Indelible (2004)
Faithless (2005)
Beyond Reach (2007)
Undone (2009)*
Short Story” (2018)*

*This novel is part of the Will Trent series, also written by Karin Slaughter.
**In this short story co-written with Michael Koryta, Jeffrey Tolliver meets Joe Pritchard from the Lincoln Perry series.

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