Grishaverse Books in Order, by Leigh Bardugo

A fantasy series written by Leigh Bardugo, the Grishaverse series begins with the Shadow and Bone trilogy.

The story is set in a world inspired by Tsarist Russia and revolves around a land divided by the Shadow Fold, a dark, magical void filled with monstrous creatures. Alina Starkov is a young orphan and a soldier who discovers a dormant magical power within her.

She is taken to the Grisha, an elite group of magical soldiers, to be trained as one of their own. Alina becomes a Sun Summoner, believed to be the key to destroying the Shadow Fold and saving her war-torn country. As the series progresses, Alina becomes embroiled in political intrigue, power struggles, and a complex web of relationships.

The subsequent Six of Crows duology is set in the same universe but follows a different set of characters involved in a heist plot.

Here is the Grishaverse Series in Order

Demon in the Wood” (2022)
The Witch of Duva” (2012)°
Shadow and Bone (2012)
The Tailor” (2013)
Siege and Storm (2013)
The Too-Clever Fox” (2013)°
Little Knife” (2014)°
Ruin and Rising (2014)
Six of Crows (2015)*
Crooked Kingdom (2016)*
King of Scars (2019)**
Rule of Wolves (2021)**

°Short stories collected in one volume titled The Language of Thorns.
*Novels that are part of the Six of Crows duology.
**Novels that are part of the Nikolai duology.

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