Gunnie Rose Books in Order, by Charlaine Harris

Written by Charlaine Harris (Midnight, Texas) under the pseudonym C.E. Murphy, The “Gunnie Rose” series is set in an alternate history version of the United States where Franklin D. Roosevelt was assassinated before he could take office, leading to a fractured nation with different territories controlled by various foreign powers.

Lizbeth “Gunnie” Rose is a young gunslinger who makes a living by hiring out her skills as a sharpshooter and bodyguard. Gunnie Rose takes on a job that involves protecting a Russian sorcerer in the West Coast territory of Texoma. As she fulfills her duties, she becomes entangled in political intrigue, magical conflicts, and a quest to locate a grimoire.

The books follow Gunnie Rose’s adventures as she navigates this alternate world filled with magic, political tensions, and the challenges of being a skilled gunfighter in a complex and dangerous landscape.

Here is the Gunnie Rose Series in Order

An Easy Death (2018)
A Longer Fall (2020)
The Russian Cage (2021)
The Serpent in Heaven (2022)
All the Dead Shall Weep (2023)

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