Harry Hole Books in Order, by Jo Nesbo

Written by Norwegian author Jo Nesbø, this series revolves around the character Detective Harry Hole, a brilliant and often troubled police detective working in Oslo, Norway.

He investigates a variety of complex and challenging criminal cases, ranging from serial murders to political conspiracies, exploring the dark underbelly of Norwegian society, and encountering a mix of intriguing characters and suspenseful plot twists.

Hole is known for his keen investigative skills but is often depicted as a deeply flawed and tormented individual struggling with personal demons, including alcoholism.

Here is the Harry Hole Series in Order

The Bat (1997)
Cockroaches (1998)
The Redbreast (2000)
Nemesis (2002)
The Devil’s Star (2005)
The Redeemer (2005)
The Snowman (2007)
The Leopard (2011)
Phantom (2012)
Police (2013)
The Thirst (2017)
Knife (2019)
Killing Moon (2023)

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