Hat Shop Mysteries in Order, by Jenn McKinlay

Scarlett Parker and her cousin Vivian Tremont co-own the London hat shop called Mim’s Whims.

The stories revolve around Scarlett’s adventures in the world of hat design and her amateur sleuthing as she becomes involved in solving various murder mysteries.

The cozy mystery series written by Jenn McKinlay (Cupcake Bakery Mysteries) often features the backdrop of London and the fashionable and competitive hat industry, combining elements of mystery and fashion.

Here are the Hat Shop Mystery Books in Order

Cloche and Dagger (2013)
Death of a Mad Hatter (2014)
At the Drop of a Hat (2015)
Copy Cap Murder (2016)
Assault and Beret (2017)
Buried to the Brim (2020)
Fatal Fascinator (2023)

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