Hawkenlye Books in Order, by Alys Clare

A historical mystery series written by Alys Clare, The Hawkenlye series is set in medieval England during the 12th century, taking place in and around Hawkenlye Abbey, a fictional Benedictine monastery in the Sussex countryside.

The story follows the investigations of Prioress Eleanor and her friend, Brother Thomas, as they solve crimes and uncover mysteries.

Prioress Eleanor, a former noblewoman who renounced her title to join the Benedictine order, serves as the head of Hawkenlye Abbey. She is a strong, intelligent, and compassionate woman who is deeply committed to her faith and her community. Brother Thomas is a former knight who now serves as the monastery’s bailiff and assists Eleanor in her investigations.

Here is the Hawkenlye Series in Order

Fortune Like the Moon (1999)
Ashes of the Elements (2000)
The Tavern in the Morning (2000)
The Chatter of the Maidens (2001)
The Faithful Dead (2002)
A Dark Night Hidden (2003)
Whiter Than the Lily (2004)
Girl in a Red Tunic (2005)
Heart of Ice (2006)
The Enchanter’s Forest (2007)
The Paths of the Air (2008)
Joys of My Life (2008)
The Rose of The World (2011)
The Song of the Nightingale (2012)
The Winter King (2013)
A Shadowed Evil (2015)
The Devil’s Cup (2017)

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